A global financial services company finds a new home in London


The Brief

When researching office location in London, InvestCloud settled on a place in London’s west end, taking up 6,050sqft in 77 Shaftesbury Avenue. They wanted a clean, minimalist space to match their existing offices around the world and give their clients a consistent experience.


The project interior designer created a detailed space plan to suit InvestCloud’s needs while making full use of the space available.

The place had to be welcoming and accessible. In the entrance area, we placed a large reception desk as well as an open plan breakout area. The bespoke breakout bar table was cut specifically for this build, sitting perfectly against the atrium windows overlooking the modern, colour changing waiting area 5 floors below. Fitted with an instant tap, coffee machine and even a beer tap, the employees have immediate access to all the amenities they could possibly need. A further kitchen area was tucked neatly around the corner, featuring a beautiful corian work surface.

Clean, transparent, floor to ceiling glass partitions were used to break up the space. The transparency added to the feel of the space in a way which is almost clinical; something you would expect from a company whose clients manage over 1.7 trillion dollars’ worth of assets.

InvestCloud’s new space allows for all types of collaboration. Informal through the use of the standing room and lounge area, and formal with the minority report room and meeting rooms. Acoustically sound phone booths were also planned into the design to allow for individual work, free from outside distractions and noise. The electrics and plumbing had a complete overhaul – tailored to compliment the design specifications.

InvestCloud were very pleased with the outcome, and their operations in London seems to be going from strength to strength.